Antiadhesion bandages passed the probation!

We were challenged to reduce the adhesion of dirt on bandages, because it leads to the inability to work in wet weather.
The adhesion bandages with elastomeric coating manufactured by Soyuz-Composite Company were tested in field conditions on the territory of Maiske, PJSC of the Synelnykove District of the Dnipropetrovsk Region.
The result is on the photo!


We would like to note that the wheel on the left photo was repaired by spraying an elastomeric coating on the old bandage. The regular bandages replacement, depending on the state of the soil, is conducted every 4-5 thousand ha. After spraying the elastomeric coating on the bandages, the seeding machine passed 3 thousand hectares!
The uniqueness of this technology of spraying is that when a wheel is worn it can be repaired again by elastomeric coating and can continue to work with high antiadhesion rates!