New design of composite “Turbosem II” was presented at the Crop Production School!

Seasonal Crop Production School of Agro-Soyuz, in which the partners and customers of the company participated, has come to an end. As always, the specialists of Agro-Soyuz shared their knowledge and experience to achieve as high agricultural performances as possible at minimal cost.

The theme of sowing, in which Research and Development Enterprise Soyuz-Composite has been improving its performances of openers copying for the last one and half year, was also discussed. The following performances of the sowing machine “Turbosem” have been made by the Specialists of the Company Soyuz-Composite and Agro-Soyuz – Soyuz-Spectechnics thanks to the system of improved correctness of copying of the soil with composite materials use:

  • The absence of the “wedge” effect during sowing time;
  • The absence of permanent maintenance;
  • The sowing speed increase up to 12 km/h, without the disturbance of agrotechnical characteristics (recommended monodisc sowing speed is 8 km/h)
  • Increase of life duration of counterparts (absence of backlashes, broken levers).

New design, developed by designer D. Dvoretskyi and presented by the company, is even more perfect than the previous one. Thanks to the adjustment of assembly units, you can not only control the parts wear (tighten), but also get rid of the press-wheel coverer locking in the off-season period, as there were complaints. Thus, “Turbosem” – high-tech sowing machine, manufactured in Ukraine, is a direct competitor of such giants as “John Deere”, “Vadersad”, “Gherardi” and others. All this became possible due to the innovative approach and way of thinking of the specialists of Research and Development Enterprise Soyuz-Composite, LLC.


Innovation is the way to perfection!