Пальчиковое колесо 2017 800X602

Rod closing wheels

With a hub and a 5203 bearing


The wheels are created to shatter vegetable soil and to crumble sidewalls more aggressively, that appear pretty often in No-Till and Mini-Till technology.

The wheels are used in loamy and clay soils to loose the soil over seeds. Also to prevent formation of crust and overpacking on the top of a furrow.

With the rods, the closing wheels have the most aggressive crushing of the soil.



The main advantages of rod closing wheels:

  • Shattering of vegetable soil;
  • Prevention of crust formation on the soil surface;
  • No overpacking in the seedbed area;
  • Aggressive crumbling of sidewalls;
  • Braking up clods and loams into smaller pieces;
  • The ability of replacing wheels for others in the field;
  • Mud accumulation is reduced to zero.

Rod closing wheels with blunt tips can be installed at different distance between each other due to the orientation of the hub mounting, thereby providing the optimal closing of the seedbed for each crop. Very often farmers use a drag chain behind closers together with rod closing wheels.