Round table: the beginning of the Agro-Club – the centre of innovative technologies in the agrarian sphere!

The object:

The creation of the Club of innovative technologies that would joint farmers and scientists, protect their rights and patents for developments. The Club, based on which exhibitions and seminars are constantly being held, innovative technologies are promoted. The Club, attending which you could solve problems associated with the difficulties in the agrarian or other sphere.

The organizers of the round table:

Research and Development Enterprise Soyuz-Composite, headed by the owner – Aleksander Shapoval.

The participants of the round table:

Yevhenii Vozniuk (Agrospetsproject and Ко) – agronomist, develops technologies of moisture accumulation in the soil and provides technologies of integrated soil protection.

Vladymyr Oleshko – agricultural scientist with many years of experience (Monsanto, Arysta LifeScience, Bayer, BASF) and the European “luggage” of knowledge, a participant of many international agricultural conferences and seminars. He developed the mobile filling station, which mixes fertilizers and plant protection products, reducing the water and time losses for spraying machines refilling and improving the solution concentration in a droplet.

Dmytrii Khoryshko – the person, who is a mediator between scientists and businessmen, works on the adaptation of innovations. He develops micro- and ion nutrients, sorbents, animal growth regulators, etc.

Maksim Prystromko – lawyer-ideologist of the innovation centre, works on the rights protection, legal support and maintenance of patents on innovative products and technologies. He used to promote the construction of a plant for manufacturing of “white diesel” – the engine that reduces exhaust emissions.

Valerii Siroshtan – dealer, inventor and promoter of the know-how. The representative of the adhesive drug (multipurpose hydrogel) for all kinds of processing, production of a group of scientists from the Kherson Region. The preparation dries and turns into the extending film, which keeps the nutrients and attracts moisture, extending the vegetation and reduces the consumption of herbicides to 50%. Eventually, when feeding and use of plant protection products, a plant receives proportional treatment with a dosage as precise as possible. The preparation does not stress much the plant and has a positive impact on the immune system. This hydrogel serves as incrustator and inoculator, which allows processing the seeds.

Aleksander Sytnychenko – the owner of the peat bog of Kostopil (Rivne Region), is also engaged in vermiculture and decay ooze production in the delta of the Danube River.

On December 9, on the territory of the Agro-Soyuz Corporation, under the very bad weather conditions, the meeting of the members of the future centre of innovative technologies called Agro-Club was held.

The round table was held in a very lively form – there were many discussions. At the meeting, a number of problems were solved, and ways to new solutions that reduce the resources of the farmer and improve the quality of his work were found. The task was to hold a joint seminar in 2017 in the framework of the Agro-Club, in order to tell and to present new innovative solutions and products that would reduce costs and increase the quantity, and most importantly, the quality of the agricultural products of our farmers.