RPE Soyuz-Composite visited a Field Day of Nikolaev State Agrarian University

Mihail Livanov

On May 23, in the village of Senchino, on the fields of the scientific and practical center of Nikolayev State Agrarian University, the Field Day was held, dedicated to one of the first who tried to introduce the No-Till technology in the far 18th century – Mikhail Livanov. Mikhail was an outstanding professor and the first to lay the foundation of agrarian sciences in Mykolayiv, forming the first practical school of agriculture in Eastern Europe.

This event was aimed at increasing the interest to innovative technologies used in agriculture, as well as readiness to rebuild the agrarian business under modern environmental and economic requirements.

The leaders of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, representatives of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, the Mykolayiv Regional State Administration, representatives of Ukrainian holdings, private farmers, leading breeders, researchers, students and others visited the Field Day in Senchino. Visitors were given a unique opportunity to learn about innovative novelties in agriculture and get acquainted right away with 169 varieties of grain crops.

RPE Soyuz-Composite took part in this event in order to increase the interest of Ukrainian farmers to innovative developments used in planting and processing equipment. The exhibition stand of the modernized with the help of composite materials seeding section John Deere 1890 was presented for the first time and attracted a lot of visitors’ attention. Modernized John Deere sections are showing qualitative seeding for already a rather long period in the fields of Ukraine.

John Deere 1890 & John Deere 1780

We are grateful to the employees of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University represented by Nikolay Karpenko for the opportunity to participate in this event and we hope for further cooperation and joint development.

A letter of gratitude from the МSAU:

Скан подяки от ННАУ