Soyuz-Composite at the Crop Production School!

The Crop Production School that was held at Argo-Soyuz, PJSC, concerning equipment, included a very interesting presentation of Oleksandr Shapoval, the head of enterprise Soyuz-Composite, in which he told about the creation of composite materials for equipment modernization.

What is a composite? It is the use of new materials with given properties, which are a lubricant themselves.

Today, Turbosem is unique – the first non-lubricated sowing machine in the world. What does it mean? It’s like a car that doesn’t require an oil change.

There is also the achievement of the innovative technology of Research and Development Enterprise Soyuz-Composite – the use of new materials, which are a lubricant themselves. It allows eliminating the human factor during sowing machines operation.


At the left side, there is an opener that requires a disposal. At the right side, you can see what it became after modernization.

To date, the maintenance of John Deere, Great Plains, KINZE, Massey Fergusson sowing machines as well as machines of other manufacturers is organized. On these machines with the help of composite material, openers and other mechanisms are repaired and modernized.

Sowing machines modernized by Soyuz-Composite have been working at farms of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan for years.

Farmer Nikolai Chabonenko from the neighborhood district told us how he repaired his used seeding machine John Deere.


“We replaced all the collars on the trapeze. This opener has already sowed 700 ha without any lubricant, there is no backlash.”

Aleksander Shapoval tells:

“This invention practically pushes maintenance into the background. Why? Imagine, for example, that for some reason press-wheel coverer locking happened. What should be done? To remove it you need a press, plus you need to press out a counterpart, make a new one and press in it again, i. e. you need to stop the machine and remove an opener or continue to sow losing the quality.”

Now, one opener is repaired by one farm machinery operator for half an hour without any special key. Why?

  • There is no souring;
  • A counterpart does not wear out. If a polymer inside of slide assemblies wears out, a counterpart remains unchanged, doesn’t change its geometry.
  • Composites eliminate wedging up of assembly units because even if the collar breaks, a backlash can appear, but it doesn’t get locked, because it doesn’t sour. The opener will continue to sow without wedging up. A farm machinery operator comes, finds a backlash – the collar is removed and in 5 minutes the opener in repaired.

He says:

“We created the first maintenance-free opener in the world.


The next development is bandages made of polyurethane compositions. They are more wear-resistant, as opposed to rubber ones. They have lower adhesion, it reduces adhesion of dirt.”

During the practical part of the seminar, we saw the sowing machine that was completely readjusted to composite materials.

Every opener had 5 lubrication points. Imagine that a farm machinery operator has to lubricate 60 openers. It is doubtful that this was made as required because according to Eduard Romankov there was a wedging up.