Soyuz-Composite held a seminar-meeting. The main guest is UkrAgroLeasing.

Research and Development Enterprise Soyuz-Composite held a seminar-meeting for agrarians. Repair and modernization of wide-cut and seeding machines with composite materials with economic effect were presented at the meeting.

The main guests of the event were the representatives of the UkrAgroLeasing Company, for 17 years of the existence of which, more than 20 thousand units of various machinery and equipment had been transferred to agricultural producers, moreover, on the quite favorable terms: at an annual interest rate of 7% of the unrecompensed cost of the equipment for 5-7 years.

Since the technology of Soyuz-Composite allows restoring the old sowing and seeding machines to factory characteristics, using mainly worn parts, the goal of the collaborative development of program to assist agrarians in restoration of their sowing equipment was set. In other words, through the equipment restoring in leasing. Earlier, it was technically and economically impossible and profitless.

In addition, new developments of Soyuz-Composite and a model of the high-tech shop of renovation of seeding units were presented at the seminar.

We hope to see soon the successful results of the collaboration between Research and Development Enterprise Soyuz-Composite and National Joint Stock Company UkrAgroLeasing.