Soyuz-Composite repairs and modernizes wheel levers on the frame of sowing machines!

More and more questions are received by the Development Department of Research and Development Enterprise Soyuz-Composite, one of which is: “Could you repair the wheel lever assembly on the frame? The slot is broken”.

The first one, who has used the service of repair and modernization of the wheel lever on sowing machine John Deere 7000, was the Enterprise Agromir-2005, which is located in the Kirovohrad Region. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the friction joints of wheel levers also affect the work of the copying system of the seeding sections, as they are “shock-absorbers” and keep out the seeding units of simultaneously “jumping”.

The wear of the wheel lever assembly (with the collars А16490) leads to backlashes and, as a result, to locking that creates an additional vibration of the seeding units, which leads to the shaking of the seeds (when using a mechanical seed-sowing mechanism) and the screw joints come loss.

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