The business meeting of the members of the Ukrainian Business Association in Cherkasy!

On December 1, in the city of Cherkasy, business meeting, which was organized by Ukrainian Business Association (UBA) and Ukreximbank, took place. Research and Development Enterprise Soyuz-Composite, LLC took part in the meeting and informed the participants of the conference on complex repair and modernization of sowing and processing machinery. The interest, expressed by Cherkasy farmers to this technology, did not waned even after the presentation. There were many questions and suggestions, to which the specialists of the company gladly responded.

After the meeting, negotiations with the representatives of the Ukreximbank on the possibility of lending to farmers with a small percentage (about 16% in UAH and 6% in USD) on the repair and modernization of sowing and processing machinery were held. The Bank is ready to consider this important issue, as 1 UAH of investments in the modernization gives back more than 10 UAH of profit: a customer of Ukreximbank buys something that eventually makes him wealthier!

Thus, with such program, modernization and repair will become even more accessible to every farmer, who needs professional help when working with sowing and processing machinery. It will also be interesting to people, who did not lay funds to restore their equipment, but it is better to take the lead than stay behind. After all, equipment law-makers recommend to restore it in time, as in most cases we see losses only after the sowing campaign.

We also would like to share our impression about the closed conversation between the founders of the UBA and its members. It was asked, what could the membership in the Association bring to its members? The owner of Soyuz-Composite Company, Aleksander Shapoval, replied: “Before we ask ourselves “What can I get from the Association?”, ask yourself “What can I give to the Association?”. Thus, we will make ourselves even stronger in the Association and strengthen each of its members”.

Because the purposes of the UBA are quite simple: to create a strong Olympic team of businessmen of our country that conduct business transparently, and to represent it decently at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai (UAE), where we have to show strong, independent and competitive Ukraine!