The exhibition Agro-Expo-2015 in the city of Kirovohrad!

Research and Development Enterprise Soyuz-Composite at the exhibition Agro-Expo 2015, which took place in the city of Kirovohrad, represented its invention – “The system of improved correctness of copying of soil with renovation”. This composite system was represented for a number of hoed seeding machines (seeding units), as well as for a number of grain ones.

The videos about the technique of a company that is in operation were shown. The stand showed the parts with the result of 8 thousand ha that were still in good operating condition, compared with the metal parts, which were less used and went down.

There were quite a lot of interested people, among them there were not only agrarians, but also the representatives of universities, companies repairing equipment in a standard way and the scientists of other branches.

There were also a great number of people interested in purchase of the composite “Turbosem II” due to its unique maintenance free property and so-called effect of the mechanisms “wedge” during sowing time.

The staff of Research and Development Enterprise Soyuz-Composite met prospective clients from the Kirovohrad, Poltava and Kherson Regions.

We would like to mention briefly the problems that arose in our dealing with dealers of imported equipment and managers of trading companies. We learned a lot about sowing machines, in particular what they “sow”. When our question “How to repair and maintain the equipment, or how to take care of it?” wasn’t answered, we came to the conclusion that a Ukrainian agrarian must be an expert in the maintenance and repair of the product before purchase of any equipment.