The Monsanto Field Day!

On August 17-18, 2016, near the village of Reshetylivka of the Poltava Region, the Field Day was held, the organizer of which was the Monsanto Company. The main purpose of the event was a demonstration of biotechnologies in the agriculture sector, as well as demonstration of the equipment of the world famous Company John Deere.


The representatives of Soyuz-Composite attended the Field Day, they demonstrated the technology of repair and modernization of seeding units with composite materials use, having displayed stands, the main of which was the stand of the repaired and modernized sowing machine Turbosem II and the modernized seeding unit John Deere of 90th series (1890).


We would like to start by thanking Harvester Company for the invitation to this event, this company is engaged in provision of sowing and harvesting services and sets the Precision Planting system!


During the event, talking to the stand visitors, the employees of Soyuz-Composite detected a problem, which was that the seeding units on the metal products work in different ways on the sowing machine. Under the laboratory conditions, seeding units with the standard assembly units copy soil undulations as the composite ones do, but the picture changes on the field, when dust and abrasive get inside the standard assembly units. Dragging and increased wear starts, which leads to jamming and stopping. This leads to wedging up and increased wear, causing locking and mechanism stopping. This indicates that, even if one of the openers breaks down, it would be uneconomical to use the sowing machine. It won’t be a problem for those, who have repaired and completed with composite materials machine, as all seeding units work in the same way and correctly even in an abrasive environment due to the unique properties of the material. It was proved on the fields of Kavkaz, LLC, where our home-produced, the only in Ukraine, qualitative sowing machine with high standards – Turbosem II won the demonstration sowings from such giants of the world agricultural market as John Deere, Gherardi, Vaderstad, etc.

ООО Кавказ

Generally, the event was held at a sufficient level, despite the fact that in the first day there were much more people than in the second one. It should be noted that Soyuz-Composite Company has once again demonstrated its technology to local farmers, there were a lot of them, despite the bad weather conditions on the field in the first day.

The event was mostly attended by the farmers of Poltava and neighboring Regions: Sumy, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk. After the event, everybody had lunch together and participated in the competitions, which were organized by Monsanto Company. In short, the holiday was a big success!

Thanks to everyone who attended the event and our exhibition stands!