The Pioneer Field Day!

On August 19, in the village of Velyki Sorochyntsi in the Poltava Region, not only Sorochyntsi Fair took place, but also the Field Day that was organized by Pioneer Company was held. As this Field Day was held right the next day after the event, which was organized by Monsanto Company, many familiar faces were seen, nevertheless, the farmer holiday was a success, but in a slightly different format unlike the previous one: here the farmers were driven through the fields in the special-ordered bus, where the demonstrational sowings were shown. On one of such fields, the representatives of our Research and Development Enterprise Soyuz-Composite were located.


The farmers visited the demonstration fields in small groups, therefore, the representatives of our company had to do mini-seminars, where we briefly tried to tell about the advantages of the repaired and modernized seeding units with composite materials use. Since it was impossible to tell everything in 5-10 minutes of the scheduled time, anyone interested could leave their contact details so that we had the opportunity to invite them personally to our future seminars and events.


After passing of all the “stations”, all visitors were invited to have lunch together, during which the shows and prize drawing were held. All that was accompanied by a friendly conversation, jokes and songs. Generally, there was a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

This time the farmers were able to see the quality of the sowing with our repaired sowing machines on the fields of Agricultural-Lease Private Enterprise Velykosorochynske.

Finally, on behalf of the whole company, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Agricultural consultant of Pioneer Company – Vasyl Ivanovych, for warm welcome and collaboration and to the Leaders of Agricultural-Lease Private Enterprise Velykosorochynske – Mykhailo Ivanovych and Viktor Mykhailovych for the invitation to the event and support!

We will be glad to see all interested in repaired and modernized high-tech composite equipment to demonstrate its work on the fields of Agricultural-Lease Private Enterprise Velykosorochynske!