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18-spoke closing wheels with blunt tips

With the hub and a 5203 bearing


Created to shatter vegetable soil. The thinness of the wheel allows it to easily enter the soil, for excellent breakage of the sidewall. The tapering sides gradually increase the resistance the spoke encounters while operating in the soil, which help to control the depth.

Very common among No-Till and Mini-Till technology.

The wheels are used almost in all soils and are unique.



The main advantages of using 18-spoke closing wheels with blunt tips:

  • Shattering of vegetable soil;
  • Prevention of crust formation on the soil surface;
  • No overpacking of a furrow;
  • Crumbling of clods and loams;
  • Penetration in packed sidewalls;
  • Depth control due to resistance of blunt tips with soil;
  • The ability of replacing wheels for others in the field;
  • Reduction of mud accumulation on the wheels due to their thinness.

18-spoke wheels with blunt tips can be installed at different distance between each other due to the orientation of the hub mounting, thereby providing the optimal closing of the seedbed for each crop.